The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League will review all reports made via this platform relating to unethical behavior and misconduct. All reports are confidential, and can be made anonymously. You have the option to save your information and return to it.




Anonymous Report – allows you to provide data about an incident to your league without making a formal complaint. This can help them inform prevention.

Repeat Perpetrator Identification (RPI) – helps to identify a person whose behaviour has harmed more than one person. If someone else also identifies the same person, your league will be notified.

Learn more about the reporting options and how REES works in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Sexual Assault Centers

Across Canada and USA there are sexual assault centers that can assist someone that has experienced sexual abuse. Find the nearest sexual assault center here.

Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport 

REES has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport to provide specialized mental health care services for participating leagues in Canada and US.

Individuals can call 1.833.GO.CCMHS (1.833.462.2647) to speak to someone directly or complete the referral form to access services.

CMHA Mental Health Resources

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a partner of the LHJMQ. Locate the office closest to you here to be connected with the CMHA Mental Health Coach at your local level.

The LHJMQ is committed to building a culture that is inclusive, respectful and free from abuse, harassment and all forms of unethical behavior or misconduct. The LHJMQ takes allegations of unethical behavior and misconduct seriously and will review all reports made on the platform to determine an appropriate course of action. The Respect Hockey Culture Center is operated by REES, the leading provider of trauma-informed reporting.

CCMHS offers specialized mental health care services that take into consideration both risk and protective factors related to sport, performance and overall life. They help competitive and high-performance athletes, coaches, employees and family members by creating long-lasting relationships that foster health and wellness.

Click the Referral link and fill out the form to access services.